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The Passion

Authentic from the village of Tunis, Fayoum. Artistic touch.

About Us

creating works of art through clay

The Pottery Studio began in Tunis Village, Fayoum governorate in Egypt, By Ibrahim Samir – who had been raised and trained by Madam Evelyne Porret may her sole RIP. Who contributed a lot in developing the entire village, and transforming it from traditional village to a hub of pottery industry.

Ibrahim is one of the pioneers who learned all about pottery from her and is now taking pottery to whole new level.

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About Ibrahim Samir

we pour all the beauty into the pottery

Name: Ibrahim Samir Mohamed Ibrahim

Birth Date: 27/11/1979

Place of Birth: Tunis Village, Ibshoway – Youssef El Seddik , Al Fayoum Governorate. Egypt

Education: Bsc. Tourism and Hotels Management

Started in 1998, learned on hands of Madam Evelyne Porret

Major Achievements

Life full of givings

Manager of Evelyne Porret Pottery School for 15 Years

Attended Exhibitions and Events in France from 2006-2013

Pottery Tutor in the German University in Cairo

Ellected 2 Artwork pieces displayed at French and British Museums in 2010

Established My Own Workshop and Pottery School in 2010

Beginner Class

Quick introductory workshop for Beginners to understand the basics of using the pottery wheel. Throw, center and raise your clay. make your own piece.

Sculpture Class

Introducing the build up techniques to build your pieces using threading, balls and other interesting techniques.

Pottery Class

Here you get to know more about types of clay and how to utilize them for the purpose of building your pottery pieces and finish them professionally.

Wheel Throwing Class

This is an advanced course where you learn various throwing techniques on the pottery wheel. work with larger pieces and assembly.

Group Class

We welcome groups, families and students in our Group Classes to learn about Pottery and test the satisfaction of engaging with nature.

Mastering Class

For professionals who are interested to advance their skills in Pottery, finishing , glazing and firing techniques

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Ibrahim Samir Profile

Energetic and dynamic vibes reaching the soul of every potter and artist who visits us.

Fun fact About our Workshops

Learning and Fun Activities

We are keen to leave a positive impression in every possible attempt. During and after our classes, we help our students enjoy the experience.

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Event & Exhibitions

10+ win the national competition

We aim to be present in every possible competition to propagate and promote the pottery industry from the village to the globe